The Video Issue

Death on YouTube: A Timeline

This summer, a Minnesota couple attempted to go viral on YouTube. Unfortunately, it worked.

Timeline: The Complete History of Video

Two centuries of technology and culture.

I Was a War Reporter for a Day
Delta Force taught me how to drive a Tahoe. I brought a drone to fil…
The New Citizen Journalists
Citizen alerts you so that you can run out and catch it on video for…
How Kawehi Turned the Music Industry Inside-Out
"What people are looking for nowadays is authenticity especially wit…
How to make the most of the essential tool of our age.
The Complete Guide to Making Video With Drones

Your Guide To Video's Newest Indispensable Tool

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Step Inside Nascar's Video Review Trailer
While you're watching the race, these guys are in a high-tech rig monitoring the tiniest pit-stop infractions, all in the name of fairn…
Dan TDM: The Minecraft Storyteller
Around the world, 18.9 million subscribers watch DanTDM's YouTube channels, and his videos have been viewed 10.6 billion times. What do…
Casey Neistat: The Most Trusted Name in News
Casey Neistat sold his video news-sharing app to CNN for $25 million. He's not a journalist, he just wants to show billions of viewers …
My GoPro Life

We strapped tiny, high-powered cameras onto four people who lead remarkable lives. Have a look.

An Introduction to the Video Issue

A note from PM's editor-in-chief.

How to Do Absolutely Everything With Video

Everything you need to know to shoot... well, everything.

The Man Who Only Exists on Video

In Russia, Edward Snowden is a real, three-dimensional human being. Everywhere else, he lives only on your screen.

The Very Best DIY Videos
Vague directions in twelve languages and not-to-scale drawings have been replaced by hundreds of video guides for any job. The problem …
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The Secrets of OK Go's Unbelievable Music Videos
The band OK Go uses technology, ingenuity, and mildly dangerous stunts to reinvent a dying genre. After 350 million views, they tell th…
Augmented Reality Vs. Virtual Reality
Augmented reality enhances the real world. Virtual reality offers an escape from it. Both technologies may eventually change our lives,…
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