Startup Aims to Train Crows to Pick up Trash

Crows are smart enough to clean our streets, as long as we pay them.

Uber CEO Finally Quits
Travis Kalanick, the combative and embattled CEO of ride-hailing gia…
Get This Ultimate 'Learn to Code' Bundle

An immersive 80-hour course that's 95% off.

New Software Can Turn Your Picture Into a Full 3D Avatar

The tech uses a combination of computer vision and machine learning to turn a picture of your face into a virtual representation.

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Spotify app on an iPad
Spotify Claims Apple Is Rigging the App Store

The music streaming company says Apple is putting its thumb on the scale in favor of its own Apple Music service.

Augmented Reality Lights Up Climbing Walls

Brooklyn Boulders has used AR to turn regular bouldering problems into a competitive video game.

This Trash Startup Is So Silly People Think It's Fake
TrashDay dares to ask the question only Homer Simpson could ask: Can't someone else do it?
6 Startups You Need to Know From One Spark 2015
Billed as "the world's largest crowdfunding festival," One Spark took over downtown Jacksonville, FL, last week
The Many Trials and Errors of Friendster
Jonathan Abrams—founder of Friendster and serial entrepreneur—on why Friendster didn't stick around and why he didn't suffer
This Startup Comes to Your House to Cure Your Hangover
In-home IV drip service in 45 minutes
Reddit Claims It Will Crack Down on Nude Photos
Six months after stolen celebrity photos broke the Internet, Reddit says it will make a change.
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Your Package Is Ready for Pickup at Waffle House
I'll have my parcel smothered and covered.
One Spark Spawns Millions in Investment Dollars
The largest crowdfunding event in the world is coming to—Jacksonville?
A Gearhead in L.A. is About to Change Everything.
Grant Delgatty: His moment of invention.
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A Father-to-Be in NYC is Redefining Parenthood
Simon Isaacs: His moment of invention.
Medicine, Manufacturers, and Furniture-Makers Turned Cleveland Into an Innovation Hub
Don't tell Jason Radcliffe of Framework that nothing's happening in Cleveland.
A Beer-Powered Startup Scene Grows in Portland, Maine
The historic port city reinvents itself as a haven for new businesses, especially farmers, brewers, and distillers.
Startup City
How the Phoenix Startup Economy Found the Space and Tools to Grow
Hardware startups in Phoenix get a boost from a new TechShop makerspace launched in collaboration with Arizona State University.
How Oakland Is Becoming Northern California's Next Great Startup Hub
Food startups, solar energy, internet companiesyou never know what brilliant idea might come out of the East Bay.
Here's What's Behind Philadelphia's Thriving Startup Scene
The City of Brotherly Love is also a city with a thriving startup ecosystem.
Kickstarter Campaign Seeks Funding for Moon Mission
A British scientist has taken to Kickstarter to raise funding for a mission to the moon.
Putin Is Building a More Russia-Friendly Wikipedia
The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit does not quite line up with Russian state interests.
This Startup Will Let You Hire a Pilot to Fly Your Drone
San Francisco based startup SkyCatch has announced plans to bring the 'sharing economy' ethos to the world of drones.
This Startup 3D-Prints Custom Earbuds
A slick new company redefines the factory outlet.
Attack of the Teenage Entrepreneurs
A novel middle school in Los Angeles teaches kids how to launch their own startups.
Here's Why You Want a $100 Nightlight
The much-hyped startup finally has a product: A nightlight that will not only illuminate your path, but also send you an alert if your …
Be Like Cleveland. Seriously.
To be a good startup city, you need good incubators. You just have to know where to look.