The Girl Scouts Are Learning to Pick Locks

Forget cookies. America's Girl Scouts are learning to pick locks and hack computers as an inside track toward careers in science and tec

How Much Money Facebook Makes From Your Data

Mark Zuckerberg is making bank on your information.

modem router bills cable Internet
Reboot Your Router, But Don't Stop There
The FBI's advice to reboot your router is just the first step to com…
modem router bills cable Internet
FBI to America: Reboot Your Routers, Right Now

There's a sneaky bit of malware going around.

Even Bitcoin Needs A Good Vault
With crypto crime on the rise, the keys are getting buried deep unde…
Facial Recognition Used by UK Police Is Alarmingly Bad

Facial recognition is increasingly used to search for criminals in crowds, but it's got an awful false-positive problem.

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Go Change Your Twitter Password

A bug caused some passwords to be stored in plain text.

Amazon in-car delivery
Amazon Will Now Deliver Packages to the Trunk of Your Car

It beats leaving them on your porch for people to steal.

How Facebook Ads Target You

If you want to tailor a Facebook ad to a single user out of its universe of 2.2 billion, you could.

'Your Data' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Facebook's definition of what belongs to you is designed to suit its needs, not your privacy.

How Copy-Pasted Text Can Hide a Secret Message That Narcs on You

How a clever trick can hide your username inside any text you copy.

Keep Facebook From Spying on You Without Deleting Your Account

You can protect yourself from some of Facebook's worst tendencies without cutting it out of your life entirely.

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Virtual reality headset
If You Thought Facebook Was Good at Manipulating People, Just Wait for Virtual Reality

On one hand, virtual worlds hold almost limitless potential—including the potential for great evil.

Equifax logo hack
How Long Does It Take Hackers To Pull Off a Massive Job Like Equifax?

How to steal 143 million customer records without anybody noticing.

The Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

You can still get in on the cryptocurrency craze. But first, make sure you want to.

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This Bulletproof Curtain Could Protect Students From Gunmen
Since Congress is in a deadlock and arming teachers makes no sense, we'll need to find an another way to protect schools and other publ…
Equifax Finds Additional 2.4 Million Impacted by 2017 Breach

Additional consumers only had their names and a partial driver's license number stolen.

Bitcoin Exchange Accidentally Drops Prices to Zero

One user tried to make off with $20 trillion in Bitcoin during the confusion.

How to Stop Your Browser From Secretly Mining Cryptocurrency

There's no surefire way, a handful of precautions help keep your hardware under your control.

How to Protect the Constitution (Literally)

From wear and tear, or Nicolas Cage.

netflix streaming
Beware: There's a Netflix Scam Going Around

Don't click the links in any sketchy emails.

A participant stands near a screen during the ethical hacking contest Insomni'hack 2014 on March 21, 2014 in Geneva. Nearly 300 hackers from all Europe gathered to measure and improve their talent at the 7th edition of the Swiss security conference and ethical hacking contest Insomni'hack organized by SCRT a Swiss company specialized in computer security. AFP PHOTO / FABRICE COFFRINI
7 Ways to Improve Your Security Now
There's no foolproof way to thwart every digital attack, but taking a few smart steps will make it much less likely that you'll suffer …
Alctraz prison
Escape From the Rock
In 1962, three men broke out of Alcatraz and tried to cross San Francisco Bay using an improvised raft and DIY life vests inspired by p…
New Wi-Fi Security Standards Will Protect Against Bad Passwords

The Wi-Fi Alliance will be rolling out the new standard by the end of the year.