StemRad Vest


The Belt That Protects Against Gamma Radiation

StemRad's minimalist equipment protects more than it may appear to.

amazon echo
Alexa Sends Private Conversations to Stranger

Amazon has investigated and claims "an extremely rare occurrence."

android smartwatch
Rumor Has It Google's Making Smartwatches Now
The company might try to reignite the nearly extinguished flame that…
Crowdfunded Smart Luggage Company Implodes

Don't cross your fingers for a refund.

The Best Watches Under $150

Because a great watch doesn't have to cost a great amount.

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The 20th Century Scarecrow That's Just a Shotgun in a Box

Hall's Patent Clock Gun was a ...unique solution to a common problem.

The Tool I Take Everywhere

Opener of hundreds of bottles.

AmazonBasics Power Bank Recalled Over Chemical Burn Risk

If you've got one, you're entitled to a full refund.

geiger counter japan
The DIY Geiger Counter That United Scientists After Fukushima

The Safecast has revolutionized citizen-science.

Your Tool Collection Isn't Complete Without an Electronics Repair Kit

Shouldn't you be ready to disassemble any gadget you get your hands on?

leaked DJI drone
DJI's Next Drone Is For Farmers? [Updated]

Leaks show a fixed wing quadcopter designed to observe crops.

hacked nintendo switch
The Newest Nintendo Switch Game Is Linux

From the collective that brought you the 2010 PlayStation hack, a whole new console to play with.

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All The Gear You Need to Survive the Apocalypse

Everything to wear, pack, and power your way out of disaster.

The Best Trimmers for Keeping Your Facial Hair Under Control

If you want to keep your beard in check, you're going to need some help.

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The Depuffening of the Down Jacket

The down jacket is losing its signature look—and its signature bulk.

Look at This Huge Computer Archive in All Its Retro Glory

There were many attempted answers to the same questions: how do we get people to use a computer?

Apple iPhone
Apple Issues an Apology (and a Discount) Over iPhone Battery Debacle

Apple takes another shot at trying to explain why old batteries slow down iPhones.

Here's a Kickass Knife Made Out of Old Batteries

It's not super practical, but it sure is novel.

Soon You Could Unlock Your Phone With Your Clothes

Programmable magnetic fabric could mean a new way to interact with your phone.

How Cardinal Richelieu Changed the Way Knives Are Made
Sharp knives disappeared from the dining room table, only to return, centuries later, in steak knife form. Kings, cardinals, and factor…
The Handful of Megabrands That Make Most of the World's Tools

A new PressureWashr study shows how behemoths rule the tool game.

An Amazon Alexa Smartwatch That Won't Break the Bank

Finally, a smartwatch that looks like a normal watch.

New Watch Mechanism Upends 342-Year-Old Tech

Mechanical timepieces have used balance springs since they were invented in the 17th century. Finally, there's something new.

Diesel ON Smartwatch
The Diesel ON Full Guard Android Smartwatch Is a High-Tech Fashion Statement
The Android Wear smartwatch will complement your favorite pair of jeans, keep you connected, and track your activity throughout the day…