concept art NEA scout


NASA Solar Sails Could Be Made With Metamaterials

The Near-Earth Asteroid Scout could have a sail made of metamaterials.

3D printed satellite parts
Lockheed Martin Is 3D-Printing Titanium Parts
Building huge fuel tanks via 3D printing could show how new manufact…
NASA's New Climate Satellites Pioneer Laser Tech
NASA's recently launched GRACE satellites use a next-generation rang…
What 5 Fictional Space Forces Can Teach Us
Can Starfleet and the U.S Colonial Space Marines tell us something a…
RemoveDEBRIS space junk system
Harpoon-Based Space Junk Capture Tests Launch
RemoveDEBRIS will use nets, harpoons and cutting edge 3D mapping tec…
Why Would We Need a U.S. Space Force, Anyway?

An expert discussion about a new military branch becomes a master class on why things need to change

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USSR space laser
The Soviet Laser Space Pistol, Revealed
The USSR honestly did try to build a handheld laser pistol for cosmonauts to carry. It never made it to orbit, though—that we kno…
NOAA's New Weather Satellite Has a Cooling Problem

The problem is affecting one of the satellite's main instruments.

Constellation of small satellites
Why the Pentagon Thinks Small Satellites Can Solve Big Problems
With Russia and China developing anti-satellite weaponry, the U.S. is thinking about distributed networks of smaller, easier-to-upgrade…
New 'Space Fence' Will Spot Space Junk, Small Sats, and Orbital Weapons

A new system meant to track space junk may enable small satellites to thrive – and counter orbital space weapons.

SpaceX Capsule Reaches Space Station With Food, Experiments

It's the second trip to the 250-mile-high orbiting outpost for this capsule.

Prototype Satellite Launched on SpaceX Rocket Will Try to Clean Up Space Junk

The RemoveDEBRIS satellite launched into space on Monday will test two methods for removing debris from orbit.

Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 Burns Up Over the Pacific Ocean

The one-time orbiting space lab is now confined to the bottom of the ocean.

Tiangong-1 Reenters the Atmosphere Over the Pacific (Updated)

Live updates: China's first space station has crashed back down to Earth.

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Falling Chinese Space Station to Crash This Weekend

Tiangong-1 is about to burn up in the atmosphere.

Why It's So Dang Hard to Predict Where Tiangong-1 Will Come Down

It could happen almost anywhere on the planet. Why can't we predict the path any better than that?

On-Demand Meteor Showers Are Coming Soon to a Sky Near You

On-demand meteor showers for cities, companies, or the rich are going to be available starting in 2019.

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Tiangong-1 Space Station to Fall Out of Sky as Soon as This Week

The first Chinese space station is about to burn up in the atmosphere.

Scientists Narrow Down When China's Falling Space Station Will Burn Up in the Atmosphere

Tiangong-1 started falling in 2016, but now we've got a date for its destruction—give or take a few days.

The Owner’s Guide To Your New Space Station
Congratulations! You now own an outpost in orbit. Here's how to dock with other spacecraft without breaking everything—and what t…
The FCC Accused a Startup of Launching Satellites Without Permission

Startup Swarm Communications was denied a satellite application by the FCC. They decided to launch anyway.

air breathing ion thruster
ESA Is Building an Air Breathing Space Thruster For Satellites
A thruster that takes in the few air molecules in space and accelerates them for thrust could allow satellites to fly for years longer.…
Falling Chinese Space Station to Crash In About a Month

Tiangong-1 has been deorbiting for months, but the station will finally reenter Earth's atmosphere in a matter of weeks.

NOAA's Newest Weather Satellite Is Headed to Space This Week

NOAA's GOES-S satellite will cover the Western U.S. and Pacific Ocean and provide high-resolution data to meteorologists.

Satellites Are Revealing the True Cost of Industrial Fishing
By using ships' own emergency beacons, researchers got the first comprehensive snapshot of industrial fishing's impacts around the glob…
Humanity's Biggest Machines Will Be Built in Space

When rockets can no longer hold oversize payloads, building in space might be the best way to go.

Here's Exactly How Fast Elon Musk's Tesla Is Spinning In Space

Using telescope observations, astronomers now know both Starman's location and level of motion sickness.

spacex ISS
SpaceX Is Launching Its First Internet Satellites This Week

A launch this Saturday will put two test satellites into orbit.

The White House Wants to Turn the ISS Over to Commercial Partners by 2024

A new funding proposal reveals the possible future of the ISS over the next decade.