Moon and Mars

How to See the Supermoon Partial Eclipse

But only a few lucky people will be able to see it.

Scenic View Of Full Moon During Lunar Eclipse
See the Longest Lunar Eclipse of This Century

It'll last for almost two hours on July 27, 2018.

Mars Dust Storm Goes Global, Covers Curiosity
While bad news for the Opportunity rover, this gives NASA a great ch…
I Thought a Mars Rover Spoke To Me On a Barstool

I was wrong. But it wasn't because of the drinking.

Women Sues NASA for Ownership of Moon Dust
Laura Cicco is preemptively suing NASA to retain ownership of a vial…
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NASA's Opportunity Rover Is Heroically Riding Out an Enormous Martian Storm

A dust storm bigger than North America? Opportunity can handle it, apparently.

NASA Curiosity Rover Finds Building Blocks of Life on Mars
The robot, which has been exploring Mars for almost six years, discovered new organic compounds and cycles of methane that could point …
Astronaut Alan Bean on the moon
The Forgotten True Story of Alan Bean's Unlikely Journey to the Moon
The fourth person to walk on the moon, astronaut Alan Bean, died over the weekend. This is the wild true story of Apollo 12, and how a …
The Moon passes in front of the Earth in this photo from NASA's DSCOVR craft from a perch one million miles from Earth. (Source)
China Takes a Big Step Toward Sending a Rover to the Moon's Far Side

The launch of a relay satellite is the first essential step for sending a rover to the far side of the moon's surface.

How to Fly a Helicopter on Mars

Flying a helo in the hairline atmosphere of Mars is one of JPL's biggest challenges yet.

lunar dust
Statically Charged Lunar Dust Is Very, Very Bad for Your Lungs

The health effects of breathing lunar dust over long periods of time could be severe.

ULA Launches NASA's InSight Spacecraft to Mars (Updated)

InSight has started its six-month journey to Mars.

The First Interplanetary CubeSats Are Set to Fly to Mars

Small satellites have started to fill the orbits of Earth. Now NASA is sending the first pair to Mars.

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artist conception krusty
NASA Tests Mini-Nuclear Reactors for Moon and Mars

Keeping the lights on shouldn't be a problem for interplanetary explorers thanks to Kilopower.

Private Companies Took Over Rocket Launches. Can They Do the Same For Moon Landers?

NASA has decided to scrap its own rover, Resource Prospector, and fund lunar lander programs from private industry.

The Plan to Return Samples From Mars Takes a Step Forward

NASA and ESA agree to explore concepts for returning a precious sample of red soil.

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Meet InSight: The Mission To Measure Marsquakes and Unlock the Red Planet

The InSight lander blasts off from California on May 5 to begin a six-month journey to Mars

This Is the First Color Image From Europe's New Mars Orbiter

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter will search for hints of methane and other signs of life in the martian atmosphere.

The U.S. Doesn't Want Anyone Messing With the Apollo Landing Sites
A new rush of companies and countries headed to the moon has the U.S. considering the best ways to preserve its historical lunar landma…
NASA's Curiosity Rover Hits 2,000 Sol (Martian Day) Milestone

Curiosity has been running for 2,000 martian days, which makes today kind of like the rover's birthday.

Russia's Space Agency Might Break Up With the U.S. To Get With China

After almost three decades of cooperation, Roscosmos is now eyeing a future in space with China.

NASA's Odyssey Captures Stunning Images of Mars' Moons

Phobos and Deimos appear to dance in these gorgeous photos.

NASA's Nuclear Thermal Engine Is a Blast From the Cold War Past

Nuclear thermal propulsion, which was studied in the Cold War for space travel, could make a comeback to fly humans to Mars.

NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Will Carry a Piece of Mars Back to the Red Planet

NASA's next generation Mars rover will use a Martian meteorite to calibrate its detectors.

Elon Musk's Space Tesla Isn't Going to Mars. It's Going Somewhere More Important.

Why the Roadster's destination matters for the future of exploring the Red Planet.

21 Incredible Photos of the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

A look at last night's super rare lunar eclipse from around the world.

Missed the Super Blue Blood Moon? Here's When to Catch the Next One

You'll be waiting a couple of decades—but you can see something just as good next year.

The Most Spectacular Eclipse of 2018 Is Tomorrow
In North America, you'll need to be in the west to see the total lunar eclipse, which happens to coincide with a supermoon and a blue m…