Driverless cars: everything you need to know

Drone Flying Cars Will Soar Over Dubai This Summer

Dubai hopes to have a passenger-carrying drone regularly buzzing through the skyline.

This Autonomous Volvo Could Be on the Road by 2017
The automaker says its Drive Me program could have a road-ready self…
Gore Verbinski is Making a Driverless Car Comedy
He's teaming with writer Steve Conrad on the madcap, AI-themed "Amaz…
Britain is Paving the Way for Driverless Cars
The government is hammering out regulations while piloting four prog…
Why Driverless Cars Can't Handle Humans Yet
The biggest challenge to getting autonomous vehicles on the road safely? They don't think like us.
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Uber Is Reportedly Building a Self-Driving Car Laboratory in Pittsburgh
The tech company is rumored to be teaming up with Carnegie Mellon University.
Google Has Started Building Self-Driving Cars in Detroit
Teams developing the autonomous vehicle are split between California and the Motor City.
Audi Promises to Deliver Driverless Cars by 2016
Audi has pledged to commercially release a driverless car within two years.
CES 2014: Meet the Navia Driverless Electric Shuttle
Intended to alleviate congestion in pedestrian-heavy areas such as corporate campuses, city centers, or theme parks, the Navia doesn't …
A Ride in the Semi-Autonomous Leaf
Nissan wants to put a bevy of autonomous systems into production vehicles by 2020. To catch a glimpse of the future, we take a ride-alo…
Self-Defense for the Self-Driving Car
As more autonomous robots go out into the field, their creators struggle with figuring out how to defend them from thieves and mischief…
Do We Really Want Cars That Drive Themselves?
Has the time for driverless cars finally arrived?
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7 Robot Cars and Driverless Tech Rigs Coming Soon From VW
If technology like emergency braking, lane monitoring and even parking can be automated, you'll want to gobble this stuff up in no time…
DARPA's Tough New Robot Road Test
PMs resident roboticist explains why DARPAs previous robotic races were GPS-guided cakewalks compared to the upcoming Urban Challenge.
Robots Behind the Wheel
I'm finally catching up on my TiVO viewing, and I just watched NOVA's excellent documentary The Great Robot Race about the DARPA Grand …
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