Scott Kelly Returns From His Year In Space Today
The astronaut will feel Earth's gravity for the first time in nearly…
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5 Things You Must Know About Scott Kelly's Year in Space
As the astronaut ramps up for a year long stay on the International Space Station, here's why it matters
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Scott Kelly's Last Night on Earth
Astronaut Scott Kelly's yearlong mission in space—simulating a trip to Mars—is about to begin.
The Wild Story Behind an Astronaut's Lucky Patches
Scott Kelly's name patches survived the Orbital Antares disaster and are now going with him on his year-long stay on the ISS
Inside Russia's Sacred Baikonur Cosmodrome, One of the World's Most Popular Spaceports
For half a century, every manned Russian space launch has blasted off from this lonely outpost in Kazakhstan.
13 Things You Learn by Hanging Out With Astronauts
In space, tortillas are preferred over bread.