hawaii volcano boat


Volcanic Eruption Tears Through Hawaiian Tour Boat

The dangers of exploring a live volcano become quickly apparent.

Scientists Find 'Quadrillions' of Tons of Diamonds
Unfortunately, the diamonds are buried so deep we'll probably never …
Kilauea volcano forms small island
The Kilauea Volcano Created a Tiny New ‘Island’
It’s just one way the eruption has changed the Big Island's coastlin…
The Earth's Oldest Color is Bright Pink​
Scientists discovered the oldest known color emitted by a living org…
iceberg calving
An Iceberg's Collapse, in 90 Seconds

When an iceberg calves, it's a big deal.

thai boys rescued ipad
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Clouds In Blue Sky
Investigation Finds China Behind Ozone-Damaging Mystery

An investigation finds that banned ozone-damaging chemicals are still in regular use in Chinese industries.

thai cave successful rescue
Four More Thai Boys Rescued From Cave, Bringing Number Up to 8

Four soccer players remain below alongside their coach.

Giant, Scary Invasive Flower Can Cause Third-Degree Burns

Not only does the giant hogweed cause environmental havoc, but it can reall hurt humans.

ian webster earth pangea tool
This Map Shows Where Your House Was on Pangea

The view might have been a little bit different

thai cave rescue
Ex-SEAL Diver Dies in Thai Cave Rescue Attempt

Saman Kunan returned to service to help rescue the 12 trapped boys and their coach.

Iceberg, South Georgia
Cape Town Wants to Tow an Iceberg to Solve Its Water Shortage

A proposal to tow an iceberg to Cape Town is an ambitious, outlandish plan.

thai families pray flood
12 Missing Boys And Their Soccer Coach Found Alive, Trapped in Thailand Cave

A remarkable search over 9 days has ended. Now, it's rescue time.

Scientists Just Measured the Coldest Place on Earth

It's "almost like another planet," and so cold that breathing in the air would kill you.

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West Antarctica
The Bedrock Below West Antarctica Is Rising Shockingly Fast

A rare piece of positive news for the southernmost continent.

a mountain of plastic goods at a recycling plant
China Stops Buying the World's Trash, Leaving 120 Million Tons Up for Grabs

Over 120 million tons of plastic trash will have to find a new home over the next decade, according to a new report.

grand staircase escalante utah
Mining Company Buys Rights to Former National Monument Land

They want to start mining cobalt by the summer. Environmental groups plan on suing.

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Berlin Illuminated Skyline
Germany Likely to Miss Emissions Target for 2020

German environment minister Svenja Schulze says the country will have to try harder to hit its 2030 goal.

Antarctica Is Melting Way Faster Than Anyone Expected

The continent is losing ice almost three times as fast since 2007, and it's definitely not a good sign.

olivine crystals
Hawaii's Erupting Volcano Is Making It Rain Green Gems (Updated)

The green crystals, called olivine, are coming from the continuing eruption of Kilauea.

Pink Sunset Antarctica
Antarctica's Ice May Be More Durable Than We Thought

A study found that the East Antarctic Ice Sheet has survived higher temperatures than we've created.

Sun starburst at sunrise
The World's Ancient Baobab Trees Are Dying, And We Don't Know Why

The exact reason the world's oldest and largest baobabs are dead or dying is a mystery, but the likely culprit is climate change.

The World's Largest Iceberg Is Melting Away

The largest iceberg ever recorded has been drifting for nearly 20 years. Now, it's at the end of its life.

Subtropical Storm Alberto Hits the Great Lakes

This makes the storm one of only a few tropical weather events to reach the Great Lakes.

carbon nanotubes
Scientists Discover How to Make Carbon Nanotubes Out of Carbon Dioxide

Creating the super-strong material out of something harmful could kill two birds with one stone.

Volcanic Smog From Kilauea Is Bothering Islands on the Other Side of the Ocean

Volcanic smog, or 'vog,' is triggering weather alerts thousands of miles away from Hawaii.

great barrier reef
The Many Deaths And Rebirths of the Great Barrier Reef

One of the world's wonders is more resilient than you'd imagine.

Humans Make Up a Teeny-Tiny Percentage of the Earth's Biomass

Humans occupy 1/10,000th of the Earth's carbon mass, but our impact on the rest of the world is huge.