German Nuclear Fusion Stellarator Sets Records
The stellarator was largely replaced by the tokamak in the 1960s, bu…
Solar energy panels on field, Poipu, Kauai County, Hawaii, USA
Renewables Produce 50 Percent of Energy by 2050
A new analysis finds that lowered costs plus cheaper battery storage…
Aerial view of coal-fired power plant
DoE Proposes Forcing Utilities to Buy Coal Power
The proposal, outlined in a leaked memo, would require a supply of c…
New Study Casts Doubt on the "Impossible" EmDrive

But this weird propulsion idea isn't dead yet.

Bitcoin's Ridiculous Electricity Usage Has Already Doubled This Year

According to a new study, energy usage for Bitcoin could double again before the year is over.

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New Water-Based Battery Could Help Store Solar and Wind Energy

A new type of battery is cheaper and longer lasting, creating new possibilities for use with renewable energy generation.

Smaller, Cheaper Nuclear Reactors Are on the Way

Thanks to new regulatory approval, so-called modular reactors can finally start replacing old fossil fuel plants.

Russia's Floating Nuclear Power Plant Sets Sail

The Akademik Lomonosov will soon be powering 100,000 residents on Russia's east coast.

Renewable Power Plants Are Dominating 2018

A vanishingly small portion of new power plants built so far this year rely on fossil fuels.

3 More Radioactive Sludge Barrels Rupture at Idaho Site

The barrels contain material likely from nuclear weapons production.

Sweden's Potential Wind Farms Are Facing Fighter Jet Problems

The Swedish Air Force is concerned that turbines could get in the way of operations.

Closing America's Failing Nuclear Plants Would Set Clean Energy Back More Than a Decade
Dozens of nuclear plants are struggling against aging infrastructure and cheap natural gas. But we need them if we want to stop climate…
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Sludge Barrel Ruptures at Idaho Nuclear Site

There are no reported injuries.

Russia Wants To Hack the Grid and We Need To Get Serious About Stopping Them
The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI recently disclosed that Russia has infiltrated “critical infrastructure” like American …
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Why Nuclear Fusion Is Back. Again.

In what had become a cliché, fusion would forever haunt a distant horizon. That seems to be changing, finally

Small-Scale Nuclear Fusion Experiment Produces Record Efficiencies

Nanowire nuclear fusion is highly efficient, opening up avenues for materials science and particle physics research.

Scientists: Fusion Power Could Be on the Grid in 15 Years

A new superconducting material and ridiculously powerful magnets are potentially the key to a power revolution.

The First Floating Wind Farm Is Ridiculously Efficient

It blows past the average states for other offshore wind farms. At least so far.

Coal plant
Coal Power Continues Its Slow March Toward Death

Not a perfect year for wind and solar, but a better year than coal had.

Renewables Are Supplying a Record Amount of America's Energy

A recent report finds that renewable sources supply 18 percent of U.S. energy, the highest figure ever.

Farmers Might Want to Swap Tobacco Plants for Solar Panels

An analysis by researchers at Michigan Tech found that solar farms are more profitable than tobacco farms.

The Wind Catchers

The Wild Horse Wind Farm in Washington protects 11,000 acres and powers 63,000 homes. And man, they love what they do.

Soon You'll Be Able to Buy Tesla Solar Panels at Home Depot

Elon Musk's company will begin selling solar panels and battery packs at the home improvement warehouse later this year.

Why the Solar Energy Tariff May Be Bad for Solar

A new tariff taxes foreign solar panels, and will likely hurt, not help, the American solar industry.

France Vows to Eliminate All Coal Power by 2021

All coal plants in the country will likely be replaced by renewable sources or nuclear reactors.