chinese cave archaeology


Chinese Cave Shows Earliest Known Human Migration

Humanity was expanding over 2 million years ago, according to a new study.

Theropod A Carnivorous Dinosaur Skeleton Is Displayed At The Eiffel Tower Prior To Be Sold On Auction
Mystery Dinosaur Fossil Auctioned for $2.3 Million
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Ancient Mummified Bird Is Actually Mummified Baby
Scientists discovered that an Egyptian mummy labelled "hawk" is actu…
Scientists Finds a Tiny Mummified Baby Hand
Archeologists solves the mystery of a mummified baby hand, attached…
cave kenya
Kenyan Cave Site Has Major Ancient Tool Cache

From 78,000 years ago to the Iron Age.

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neanderthal stone
This Could Be Neanderthal Art

Those etchings didn't come from nowhere.

These Butchered Rhino Bones May Hold a Secret of Ancient Human Migration

The find could put human ancestors in Southeast Asia long before Homo sapiens were even a species.

This Strange, Wooden Idol Is Twice as Old as Egyptian Pyramids

Scientists not only dated the oldest monumental sculpture in the world, but also discovered a new face on the idol.

A Medieval Man Used a Knife as a Prosthetic Limb

The DIY prosthetic (attached with his teeth) let him lie a surprising long life.

13-Year-Old Boy Finds Treasure Trove of 1,000-Year-Old Silver Coins

The silver coins are probably from the reign of Harald Gormsson, better known as "Harald Bluetooth."

When DNA Testing Pits the Living Against the Dead

This study was supposed to end the mummy’s controversy. Instead, it ignited another one.

Dozens of Pristine Dino Footprints Found on Island in Scotland

Of the roughly 50 prints found, some were so detailed as to show claws.

"One in a Million" Young T. Rex Fossil Found in Montana

The six-to-eight-year-old dinosaur is the most complete young T. rex ever found.

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Mystery of 'Alien Skeleton' Solved

You can probably guess what the answer is not.

ancient tools kenya
Discovered: 300,000-Year-Old Tools and Paints That Point to Early Humanity's Cleverness

Findings out of Kenya offer a new understanding of when early humans got organized and started trading.

A 500-Year-Old Spanish Pistol Part Was Discovered in Colorado

The find could rewrite the history of Spanish exploration of the American West.

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uss lexington wreckage
Long-Lost World War II Aircraft Carrier Found at Last

The Battle of the Coral Sea changed military history.

Ancient Roman Military Home Found During Subway Construction

The sprawling dwelling dates to the 2nd century.

What Was Neanderthal Art Like?

Researchers in Spain have found the first evidence of Neanderthal art.

Scientists Using LiDAR Find Massive Mayan City Under Guatemala Jungle

"If I had not had the LiDAR I would have walked right over it, because of how dense the jungle is."

Egypt Finds 4,400-Year-Old Tomb Outside Cairo

It likely belonged to a woman known as Hetpet, who archaeologists believe was close to ancient Egyptian royals of the 5th Dynasty.

New Discovery of Ancient Tools Complicates Our Story of Human Evolution

Sophisticated 385,000-year-old tools in India just doesn't match up with what we thought we knew.

Major Human Evolution Discovery Suggests Homo Sapiens Left Africa Sooner Than We Thought

New fossils found in Israel set our origins back tens of thousands of years—if not more.

We Might Finally Know the Cause of a 500-Year-Old Epidemic

Archaeology has an answer, but it's hard to tell if it's the right one.

All Bronze Age Iron Came From Space, New Study Shows

It took some time for humanity to get the hang of smelting.

The Rumors Were True: Ancient Castle Found Below Turkish Lake

Sometimes, the local legends are more than just tall tales.

Secret Room in Great Pyramid Discovered Thanks to Cosmic Rays From the Sun

Using high-energy particles from space, researchers find evidence of a hidden room inside the Great Pyramid.

Google Earth Reveals Hundreds of Ancient Stone 'Gates' in Saudi Arabia

Satellite images have revealed mysterious, ancient stone structures in Saudi Arabian lava fields.