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This Hybrid Cooler Plays Music and Charges Phones

An all-in-one cooloer if you want to pack light for your next camping trip.

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These Transparent Cubes Turn the Elements Into Desk Ornaments
From cesium and niobium to beryllium and beyond, these transparent lucite cubes let you bring the periodic table to life in vibrant col…
This Recorder Can Hold up to 96 Hours of Audio

Get crystal-clear audio with this recorder

This 3-In-1 Pillow Is a Must-Have Travel Companion

Available for over 35 percent off.

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These Star Maps Are a Snapshot of the Night Sky

Capture the stars alignment from any point in time

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This Tactical Pen Is for More Than Just Writing

It can also help you smash, slice, and shine your way out of any sticky situation.

How You Can Become an In-Demand Project Manager

Take on JIRA, Scrum & Agile with this bundle

Waterproof, Fast-Charging Lanterns Give Light When You Need It

Perfect for extended outdoor adventures or your home emergency kit

These Hi-Fi Workout Earbuds Are 20 Percent Off

Get yourself a pair of fitness earbuds that are water-resistant without sacrificing sound quality.

The HD Digital Camera That Attaches Directly to Your iPhone

Transform your iPhone into a DSLR camera.