New Horizons

New Horizons: The Journey to Pluto

NASA Wants You To Name a Kuiper Belt Object

NASA is betting you can think of something better than MU69.

New Horizons Just Woke Up
The spacecraft briefly awoke from hibernation in order to perform so…
Let's Go Skating on This Frozen Pluto Lake
NASA's New Horizons team thinks it's found a frozen lake on the icy …
Pluto's Largest Moon Tried to Rip Itself Apart

Charon's grand canyon was likely a wanton act of self-destruction.

Our first up-close look at the former ninth planet, courtesy of a plucky NASA spacecraft on a long, long trip.
See Pluto's 45-Miles-Wide, 2-Miles-Deep Grand Canyon

The dwarf planet's north pole has deep trenches and sun-battered ammonia ices, adding on to the geologic complexity of the world.

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Pluto's Moon May Have Had an Ocean That Ripped It Apart

A ridge that runs across the entire surface of Charon could be the ancient ocean having one last "Hulk out."

Pluto Has Hill-Sized Glaciers Floating on a Liquid Nitrogen 'Sea'

The weirdest place in our solar system keeps getting weirder.

Pluto's 'Heart' Was Likely Broken by an Asteroid Long Ago

Sputnik Planum may have come from a collission between the tiny planet and a Manhattan-sized space rock. 

This Is The Best View of Pluto We'll Have For Decades

A new NASA video zooms way, way in for a close-up.

The Pluto System Is Pure, Unbridled Chaos

Only one of the five moons has anything resembling a normal rotation.

Pluto May Have Ice Volcanoes and Other Bizarre Geology

The tiny former-planet continues to baffle the team studying it.

First New Horizons Study Reveals a Fascinating Pluto

A few months after the Pluto flyby, the science is coming in.

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Pluto Has Nitrogen Ice Flows and Atmospheric Haze

The latest from Friday's Pluto press conference.

Why Aren't We Hearing More About Ceres?

Our nearest dwarf planet doesn't get much attention. It should.

Pluto's Tiny Moons Start Coming Into View

Charon is the biggest game in town, but Pluto has four smaller moons that make for a complicated system.

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How the Family of the Man Who Discovered Pluto Feel About Yesterday's Flyby

Clyde Tombaugh's ashes sailed past Pluto yesterday. Here's how his children felt as the first close-ups came in.

The First Pluto Pictures From the New Horizons Flyby
The long wait for Pluto's close-up is over.
Why It Doesn't Matter Whether Pluto is a 'Planet'
It's time to get past old semantics arguments and realize that our solar system is full of amazing objects we should visit.
New Horizons Enters the Pluto System

Now comes the hard part ...

What to Expect During NASA's Pluto Flyby
It's entered the Pluto system. Now comes the long wait.
The Newest Images of Pluto from New Horizons
NASA releases a new batch of pretty Pluto pictures.
New Horizons spacecraft
NASA's Pluto-bound New Horizons Craft Hits a Glitch
A team is now working to diagnose the problem nine days from its historic encounter.
Get Pumped for Pluto With This New Horizons Trailer
With less than a month to go, here's something to get you revved up for the flyby
7 Things to Know About the New Horizons Visit to Pluto
There's less than a month to go until the first flyby of Pluto
New Horizons Can Now See Surface Details of Pluto
NASA's New Horizons probe is hurtling toward a July encounter with Pluto and its neighbors