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Air Force Drone Documents Being Sold on Dark Web

Training manuals on the Reaper have popped up for sale.

Russian Combat Drone Reported to Fly This Year

The “Hunter” drone is a “sixth generation” advanced strike aircraft.

Russia’s Aging Bomber Could Sling Mach 10 Missiles
The 1970s Backfire bomber could get a new lease on life by carrying …
Army’s Next Vehicle is a Troop Carrier
A replacement for the M2 Bradley is next on the Army’s list of prior…
Hellfire Tank Killer Replacement Enters Production
The Joint Air Ground Missile will launch from helicopters, smash tan…
You Can Buy This Missile-Shooting Tank Killer for $36,000

It can’t kill tanks anymore, but it still looks like it can.

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Laser Attacks Against U.S. Forces Spread to the Pacific

The laser strikes follow reported incidents in Djibouti by Chinese military personnel.

The U.S. and Russia Are Shrinking Their Nuclear Arsenals—But China Isn't

And then, of course, there’s North Korea to think about.

The U.S. Army is Buying Pepper Spray Paintball Guns

The paintballs are filled with a military-grade irritant, making them a non-lethal weapon.

Russia’s Tank Drone Performed Poorly in Syria

The Uran-9 lost contact with its controllers, maneuvered badly on broken terrain.

This Tank-Killer Robot Could Revolutionize Ground Warfare

Will the battlefield of the future be robots fighting robots?

The U.S. Army Is Testing 10 New Submachine Guns

One may go on to equip U.S. soldiers with the first sub-gun since World War II.

tiergarden german flak tower
The Fearsome Nazi Tower That Held Off the Allies in Berlin

The Zoo Tower became a thorn in British and Soviet sides alike.

What Is the Navy’s Secret 'Sea Dragon' Weapon?

Made public thanks to Chinese hackers, the weapon is supposedly a new offensive missile.

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The U.S. Air Force Is Pushing for a Hypersonic Strike Weapon

The hypersonic conventional strike weapon would overwhelm enemy defenses, strike time-critical targets.

America Pitches Its Potential Defense Plan for Europe

The Secretary of Defense will pitch his “30-30-30-30” plan to NATO this week.

Guangzhou pearl river new town
The U.S. Is Still Clueless About the Creepy 'Sonic' Attacks in China and Cuba
Americans are being sent home from the consulate in Guangzhou, China after mystery attacks that resemble those against the Havana embas…
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Soldier Steals Armored Vehicle, Takes Joyride Through City

The National Guard lieutenant was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, among many other things.

Duels, Blood, And Politics: The Little-Known History of the Gun That Killed Alexander Hamilton

These two English flintlock dueling pistols changed America forever, and now they’re going on display.

Belarus Invents Tank-Killing Quadcopter Drone

The four-propeller drone mounts a single shot anti-tank rocket launcher.

This Is What a Real Naval Buildup Looks Like

China’s is building destroyers faster than even the mighty U.S. Navy.

Why the Pentagon Doesn't Know How Much Anything Costs

The F-35 cost a trillion dollars. Nobody really knows how much America's next nuke will cost. What's wrong?

The Army’s M4 Carbine Can Fire Even If You Don't Pull the Trigger

The Army has detected a potentially dangerous flaw in its rifles and carbines.

Investigation: Russian Missile Brought Down MH17

An investigation concludes the Russian military shot down a Malaysian Airlines 777, killing 298 people.

Russia’s Apocalypse Missile Keeps Crashing

The missile has crashed (and presumably burned) four times in four months.

France’s New Armored Car Does Not Mess Around

The husky armored car is heavily armed and ready to roll.

The Army Is Testing a Missile-Proof 'Iron Curtain'

The system would protect lighter vehicles from rocket and missile attack.

The U.S. Army is Looking for Its First New Submachine Gun Since WWII

The last time the Army adopted a submachine gun was 75 years ago.