U.K. Introduces New Fighter Jet: The Tempest

The fighter exists only in mockup for now, and is expected to enter service in 2035.

The Navy is Testing Hull Coatings For Ship, Subs
The water-repellent coating should make submarines and other ships m…
Stopping Killer Drone Swarms Before They Kill Us
The latest threat: swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles designed to ov…
So Long TNT, There's a New Explosive in Town
Bis-oxadiazole could replace TNT and other explosives in military or…
Nazi UFO Toy Pulled for Historical Inaccuracy

No, the Nazis did not get to space.

China's Giant Ionosphere-Zapping Radar Is a Defense System Masquerading as Science

The new facility may target U.S. submarines in the South China Sea.

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Robot Stingrays Sunk Your Battleship

A fever of stealthy swimming stingrays may seem like fiction, but it could become a very real threat.

What Happens to a Cruise Missile Captured by the Russians

A fate worse than death awaits military hardware recovered intact on the battlefield.

The United States' Next Tank Could Be Protected by 'Steel Foam'

The composite material offers dramatic weight savings and increased protection from shock, fires.

Watch Microwave and Laser Weapons Knock Drones Out of the Sky

Raytheon’s portable directed enemy weapons keep pesky drones away.

The Pentagon Mimicking Human Speech With Lasers Is the Creepiest Thing You’ll Hear All Week

In the future, that disembodied voice you hear could be nothing more than two lasers interacting with one another.

Doomsday Satellites and the Space Wars To Come
The Pentagon put Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellites in orbit to ensure communication in the event of a nuclear attack. But th…
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The Very Real History of Death Stars

Nazis, Soviets, and the U.S. all thought an orbiting killer satellite might not be such a bad idea.

Is China Getting Ready To Test a Railgun?
Parked on the Yangtze river is something that sure looks like a railgun, and a sign that China might have beaten the U.S. Navy in putti…
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3 Things You Need to Know About Trump's New National Defense Strategy
The first major defense policy document of the Trump administration contains some interesting clues about the present and future of the…
Someone Could Definitely Hack the Emergency Warning System. Here's Why They'd Do It.
The false alarms of North Korean attacks against Japan and Hawaii look like innocuous mistakes. But there are plenty of good reasons wh…
Would a 1960s Fallout Shelter Actually Protect You From Nuclear War?

It's a good question, and one that's getting more timely.

DARPA Wants to Turn Cargo Planes Into Flying Aircraft Carriers

C-130 Hercules transports could launch and recover swarms of small drones.

The U.S. Navy's Railgun May Never See Combat

After spending more than $500 million, the Department of Defense is instead leaning towards a mixture of new and existing technologies.

Is the Air Force’s New Bomber Testing at Area 51?

New facilities, unusual aircraft sightings point to activity at the mysterious site. But why?

Japan, U.K. Joining Forces to Make the World's Best Air-to-Air Missile

Each has built a better missile, now they’re about to join forces to build the best.

This AI Hunts Chinese Missiles Sites

Deep learning comes to satellite imagery analysis -- at least in the civilian sector, anyway.

“Iron Man” Legs Will Help Troops Carry More Stuff

It may just be Iron Man’s legs, but it’s a start.

Fighter Jets Could Be Packing Lasers by 2021

Lockheed Martin's lasers could shoot down incoming missiles, and eventually, enemy jets.

Navy Tests Hypersonic Weapon System Technology

Prompt Global Strike could give the U.S. military hypersonic weapons technology.