Naval Vessels

A Chinese Spy Ship is Shadowing the RIMPAC Fleet

The international fleet gathered for U.S. Navy-led exercises is being watched by an uninvited visitor.

Multinational RIMPAC Exercises Kick off in Hawaii
But 52 ships, 18 armies, and 26 countries are participating in this …
A German Warship Was Scorched By Its Own Missile
The American-made SM-2 air defense missile failed to clear its own s…
China Is Planning A Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker

The move could be a precursor to a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Here Is the Advanced Attack Submarine the U.S. Navy Never Built

The submarine, never built, would have been smaller than other subs and a mothership to drones.

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All the Nuclear Missile Submarines in the World in One Chart

Only seven countries in the entire world deploy nuclear weapons at sea, an exclusive and deadly club.

Russia is Working on a New Sub with Hypersonic Missiles

The “Husky” class will be a more affordable nuclear attack submarine.

Japan’s Ships May Carry Fighter Jets, But Don’t Call Them Carriers

The ships would be called “multi-purpose operational mother ships.”

Russian Sub Unleashes Four Nuclear Missiles in Less Than 20 Seconds

The world-ending Yuri Dolgoruky can deliver the the firepower of 640 Hiroshimas in less than a minute.

How the American Aircraft Carrier Became King of the Seas

From makeshift beginnings to the ultimate power projection platform.

America’s Newest Aircraft Carrier Suffers a Breakdown

It’s the second breakdown in a year for the USS Ford’s propulsion system.

U.S. Navy Re-Establishes the Second Fleet Because Russia Is on the Rise

The Second Fleet will keep an eye on Russian navy ships on this side of the Atlantic.

mysterious nazi submarine
Long-Lost Nazi U-Boat Finally Found

But the U-3523's contents and mission remain a mystery.

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Watch a US Navy Submarine Smash Through Polar Ice

The USS Hartford goes through several feet of ice like a hot knife through butter.

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battleship tirptiz
How the Nazis' Largest Battleship Is Still Affecting Norway Today

Decades after it sunk, the battleship Tirpitz is still stunting the environment.

Here Are All the Fighting Submarines of the U.S. Navy

The infographic includes attack submarines, guided missile submarines, and ballistic missile subs...all nuclear powered.

How the Navy Punches a Nuclear Sub Through Arctic Ice

It may look easy, but surfacing a nuclear submarine in the Arctic requires careful preparation.

Does the U.S. Stand a Chance Against Russia's Icebreakers?

Entire Arctic shipping routes, once thought impassable, are becoming major economic channels, and icebreakers are making it possible.

The Navy's Next Missile Submarines Will Have an 'Eye-Watering' Price Tag

The 12 Columbia-class submarines will replace the existing 14 Ohio-class subs in conducting nuclear deterrence patrols.

Navy Cruiser Missing Since 1942 Rediscovered in the Pacific
Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen and his team found the remains of USS Juneau, where all five brothers of the Sullivan family perished …
Navy's New Attack Submarine Named Colorado to Join the Fleet

The 377-foot-long sub weighs about 7,800 tons submerged.

Should the US Navy 'Shock Test' Its Latest Carrier?

“Shock tests” involve setting off huge explosions near ships to see if anything breaks instead of finding out the hard way.

A U.S, Aircraft Carrier Will Visit Vietnam for the First Time Since the Vietnam War

The U.S. Navy is making a big push to impress the small but influential country.

In 2011, a Russian Submarine Fire Nearly Caused a Nuclear Disaster

The submarine Ekaterinburg carried torpedoes, missile fuel, and thermonuclear weapons.

The 5 Finalists to Be the U.S. Navy’s Newest Frigate

The Navy will pick one of these ships to the the Navy’s low-end sea fighter.

The Navy Aims for 355 Ships by the 2050s

But is a 30-year voyage realistic?

The U.S. Navy’s Second Stealth Destroyer Passes Muster, But Some Big Question Lay Ahead
The good: USS Michael Monsoor completed acceptance trials. The bad: The fate of the multi-billion dollar Zumwalt warship program is sti…