Mars Week

Dry Ice Avalanches Caught on Camera by a Mars Orbiter

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted 65 feet of frigid, falling carbon dioxide.

Why NASA's Mars Probes Last So Long

Two words: conservative engineering.

How To Build a Self-Driving Car For Mars
One of the guys who drives Mars rovers explains how to get them to d…
This Is How We'll Explore Mars Over the Next...
NASA, ESA, and other agencies are preparing to deepen our understand…
Here Are the 5 Best and the 5 Worst Movies About...

Hollywood takes on the Red Planet.

Popular Mechanics heads off in search of all the stories we can find about the Red Planet.
A Brief Timeline of How We've Imagined Martians

From laser-wielding monsters to frozen microbes.

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'Martian' Author Andy Weir Figured Out Faster-Than-Light Travel for His New Novel

It only works if you use something that doesn't actually exits in physics, but hey, it's internally consistent with itself.

What If Viking Really Did Find Life on Mars?

Since 2007, scientist Joop Houtkouper has been pushing for an alternative hypothesis. Could he be right?

Why We Should Land on Phobos Before We Land on Mars
Rather than an expensive Apollo 8-style flyby or an audacious out-the-gates landing, NASA is mulling landing on the rocky, tiny moon fi…
What I Learned Living Through a Simulated Mars Mission

Kellie Gerardi spent two and a half weeks living in the Utah desert with six people all pretending they were on Mars.

Ridley Scott Knew There Was Flowing Water on Mars Before the Rest of Us

But it was too late to reshoot scenes for The Martian.

A map of the Martian "canali" by Giovanni Schiaparelli.
A Short History of Martian Canals and Mars Fever

The scientific advances and odd misunderstandings that convinced many that Mars was full of canals built by an advanced civilization.

Can You Actually Grow Potatoes on Mars?

Space crop researcher Bruce Bugbee tells us how to do space agriculture, and what he'd do differently if he could build a farm on Mars.

There Is Water Flowing on Mars As We Speak

Briny conditions keep it flowing. Could life be there today?

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Ridley Scott Goes to Mars
With his new film, The Martian, acclaimed director Ridley Scott adds a new dimension to his legacy. Science, a frequent backdrop to the…
This Is How You Build a Mars Colony, One Piece at a Time

It's a harsh world, but Foster + Partners thinks they have what it will take to make it livable and locally sourced

'The Martian' Is a Great Space Action Movie

Space wants to kill you. Let's go anyway.

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The Martian's Andy Weir on Why Mars Wants to Kill You
Weir explains what definitely would have killed his hero, what O.J. Simpson and Mark Watney have in common, and why space mutinies are …
Here's How We'll Terraform Mars With Microbes
Gary King, a microbiologist at LSU who studies the most extreme organisms on Earth, can't help but wonder whether our planet's toughest…
Will Astronauts Also Have to be Farmers?
Teams of scientists around the worldand above it, aboard the International Space Stationare trying to design farms for the diverse envi…
Mars habitat
Living on Mars: How to Survive the Red Planet
The fourth rock from the sun will pose extreme challenges to future explorers. Here's what they can expect, and what NASA's doing to pr…
Life on Mars
Why I Hope There's No Life on Mars
We've already found water on mars, but finding organic inhabitants on our red neighbor would be the discovery of the ages. Columnist Gl…