How to Make Anything

Wet or Dry? The Two Ways To Cook Meat

When you're looking to advance your kitchen skills, recipes aren't good enough. Here's how to get perfect meat through wet cooking or dry cooking.

How To Use Science To Make Better Booze

All the (weird) things you can do to liquor to make it taste great.

Make Your Own Ice-Cream Maker
Build this DIY hand-crank mixer and really get into the spirit of ho…
How to Make Ice Cream
Too few ice-cream lovers witness the transformation of cold dairy go…
How to Make a Concrete Canoe

Canoeing is cool, but how does building your own canoe sound?

How to Make a Interactive Motorized Chandelier

Michael Dubno makes a lot of crazy things according to his brother Dan. His latest is a motorized chandelier.

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How to Make a Butcherblock
With end-grain butcher's blocks, the blade of your knife slips between the fibers instead of cutting across them. Your knife stays shar…
Gravedigger's Driver Explains How to Make Your Own Monster Truck

Three things make any truck a monster: taller suspension, bigger tires, and a meaner motor.

How to Make Underground Speaking Tubes

Here's a fun trick for when you want to send messages without using any power.

How to Make the Best Paper Airplane

You've wanted to know since you were a kid.

How to Make Contact With Aliens

Hello, E.T.?

How to Make a Kickass Custom Bike Light

You need only a few parts.

How to Make a Bootjack

A simple project that'll help you get your boots off at the end of a hard day.

How to Turn Your Truck Into an RV

It's not as difficult as you think. Take a few tips from the Desk to Dirtbag master.

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How to Turn a Saw-Blade Into a Holder for Hot Dishes

A 10-minute project that will add some cool to your kitchen.

Welcome to the Place Where American Scientists Make Plutonium

Inside the wet hot cell at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

How to Make a Two-Board Backyard Lounger

One afternoon of work, one great chair.

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How to Make Bread

It is the simplest thing you can eat, and yet the complexity of the biochemical reactions in rising dough is astonishing.

How to Make Eggs: 3 Methods From a Master Chef

Wylie Dufresne gives you the steps to the perfect breakfast.

How to Make NASA Cool Again
Once seen as a bunch of badass test pilots and rocket scientists who went to the moon, NASA has suffered an image crisis over the past …
How to Make Battery Power More Powerful
The lithium-ion batteries powering our lives are in need of a major innovation or a full-on replacement. But decades of research have p…
How to Make Anything: 30 Things You Should Know
A rallying cry: we live in an age of resurgent self-reliance. So consider this a call to action: Whether it's a lamp or limoncello, we …