How to Repair a Torn Window Screen

Fix small tears before they spread.

how to build a deck
How to Build a Deck
Follow these steps for creating a deck for entertaining and relaxing…
Watch One Guy Build a Cabin in This Timelapse

Months of work, condensed in just a few minutes.

Man Scares Off 'Porch Pirates' With Shotgun Contraption

Don't worry, it fires blanks.

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hot tub
​How to Build a Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Go natural and make this wood and steel outdoor hot tub.

House with Christmas lights
Why Your Christmas Lights Keep Flickering

You may be overdue for a more modern set of lights.

How To Find the Best LED Christmas Lights for Your Home

LED Christmas lights are here to stay. They offer the benefits of low energy consumption and no heat, but can you live with the color?

An Enormous AT-AT Is the Ultimate Halloween Decoration

Two stories tall and 100 percent cool.

DIY Halloween Props to Make With Scrap

Haunt your house with these Halloween decorations you can make with old or recycled materials.

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Twisted, Extreme Halloween Pumpkins

These twisted Halloween pumpkins will inspire your next carving session.

9 Hair-Raising Halloween Ideas

PopMech has teamed up with Instructables to unearth some ghoulish projects that will make visiting your home a chilling experience.

Can the Power Company Trim Your Trees Without Your Permission?

What to do if you spot a little unauthorized trimming.

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halloween yard
How to Light Up Your Yard for Halloween
With the right lighting, even an empty yard can look haunted and spooky. Here's how a clever use of lighting can creep out the neighbor…
How to Put Up Christmas Lights: 7 Essential Tips and Looks
Despite neighborhood peer pressure, you and you alone dictate the aesthetic direction of your home's holiday display. He who wields the…
clogged gutters
How to Fix Your Rain Gutters

Don't let water accumulate around your foundation! Fix those faulty gutters now.

The Very Best DIY Videos
Vague directions in twelve languages and not-to-scale drawings have been replaced by hundreds of video guides for any job. The problem …
Let a Snow Melting System Do the Work For You
In-ground snow melting systems keep your driveways and walkways clear of snow, so you'll avoid the dangers of slipping and the pains of…
screen door
Repairing A Screen Door Is Easier Than You Think

Replacing damaged components is easier than you think.

How to Stop Your Wooden Deck From Splintering
The important thing is to go easy. Those splinters typically result from poor deck care, which allows the wood to deteriorate, followed…
How to Unclog a French Drain

This isn't an unusual problem.

10 Trick-Or-Treat Tips for Halloween Decorating
Get ready for ghouls and goblins by securing all types of monsters, orange lights and scary items around your house following these gui…
Farm Silos Converted Into a Cool Bed and Breakfast

Who knew steel grain bins could be so homey?

A Homemade Toothpick Crossbow Packs More Punch Than You'd Think

Toothpick crossbows took the place of fidget spinners in China. But not for long, as the cops are confiscating them already.

Why You Should Always Mark Your Lumber With a V

A simple two-stroke mark packs in a few handy features.

How to Fold an American Flag

Rule number 1: Don't let Old Glory touch the ground.