This Life-Size Ferrari Formula One Car Is All Lego
Lego says it took 750 hour to build a 1:1 model of Ferrari's 2017 F1…
What's Not to Love About This Lego Macintosh?

That's a working e-ink screen by the way.

Bricks and clicks: these are the very best LEGO creations, both official and homemade.
10 Cars That Need To Become Lego Kits

These cars would be so great rendered in plastic bricks.

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How Many Legos Does It Take to Build a Real Starship?

At 104.9 million blocks for a Saturn V rocket, it's practically a steal. 

This Porsche 911 Is Half-Lego, Half-Real
The curvy racecar looks surprisingly good in blocks
50 LEGO State Dioramas Take You on the Ultimate Road Trip
LEGO artist Jeff Friesen has you covered
How LEGO Built the Coolest Company in the World
With a hit movie, licensing tie-ins, and constant innovation, everything is awesome at Lego. But it all starts with the magic that happ…
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Watch the 'Back to the Future' Clock-Tower scene in LEGO
The best scene in one of the best movies, recreated using the best toys.
Let This Lego Loom Do Your Knitting For You
It's simple, functional, and built from common parts.
Check Out This Fully Motorized LEGO WWII Tank
The tiny World War II replica runs with just four motors.
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The Spaceballs Winnebago Needs to Be a Real LEGO Set
As famous movie vehicles go, Mel Brooks' take on the Millennium Falcon is under-appreciated.
This 13-Year-Old Inventor Built a Braille Printer From Legos
Intel is funding young entrepreneur Shubham Banerjees startup, Braigo Labs.
Here's How The Lego Movie Was Made
A look inside the monumental effort that went into making everything awesome in The Lego Movie.
Everything Is Awesome About This Lego-Inspired Furniture for Grown-Ups
Master builder Lola Glamour makes custom furniture that will make your childhood dreams come true.
Legos Have Become a Top Target for Thieves
Unopened sets can bring top dollar on the open market.
Scientists Use Legos To Measure the True Mass of a Gram
A gram is not always a gram, which is why researchers devised this clever Lego contraption.
This Lego Mouse Trap Contraption Will Teach You Basic Physics
Christian Bechinie is pitching his creation to Lego Ideas, hoping it becomes an official set.
This 70s Lego Pamphlet Encouraged Creativity Over Gender
The ad lets children know that boys could build dollhouses and girls could build rocketships if that's what they wanted to do.
The Big Bang Theory's Official LEGO Set Features Sheldon and Leonard's Living Room
The Big Bang Theory will be immortalized with its own Lego set, it has been revealed.
Play With Legos in Your Browser
Google brings Lego blocks to the Internet, tempting us to spend hours tinkering digital blocks into space ships and castles.