How Boeing's Hypersonic Plane Concept Works

Building an airplane that can reach (and survive) Mach 5.

NASA X-Plane Gets Closer to Electric Flight
The X-57 Maxwell is expected to fly for the first time in the next y…
drone fire
Drones Still Hurting Firefighters by Interrupting
A fire in Colorado was allowed to rage freely for an hour thanks to …
Cowboy herding cattle in dust, sunset
How Drones Will Revolutionize Ranching

There's no need for a cowboy to ride all day in search of a stray when a drone with an infrared camera can spot it from on high.

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What It's Like to Fly in Delta's New Business-Class Suites

It's amazing what one little sliding door can do.

A MH370 poster seen at the 4th Annual MH370 Remembrance...
What If They Were Looking for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Wrong Place All Along?
There are plenty of crackpot theories about the airlines that's been missing since 2014. But the futile four-year search has at least o…
It's Incredible No One Was Injured in This Helicopter-Plane Crash

Footage from the 2017 crash is a sight to behold.

inside emirates planes
Emirates Is Pushing Toward a Future of Windowless Planes

So far, virtual windows have been a hit. But is world ready for a plane full of them?

The Very Best Light Jets in the Sky Today

The Cirrus Vision, HondaJet, and more of the best small jets that carry a handful of people and look sweet doing it.

Here's the Newest Design From Larry Page's Flying Car Company

Kitty Hawk has a new aircraft that potential customers can take for a test flight with only an hour of training.

Unwanted Airbus A380s Are Starting to Be Stripped for Parts

Ten years after introduction, two of the giant airliners just can't find a home.

Watch in Real Time as American Airlines 1897 Tries to Escape a Hail Storm From Hell
Combining weather map with flight tracking reveals the rambling path an American Airlines plane flew as it tried to escape a horrible h…
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Passenger Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Hail Smashes Windscreen and Destroys Nose

American Airlines flight 1897 was forced to divert to El Paso after the aircraft was damaged in a heavy storm over New Mexico.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pilot crew rest
Where Pilots and Flight Attendants Sleep on Long Flights

The part of the plane passengers never see.

This Aerial Robot Changes Shape Mid Flight

A flying robot can fold its wings midflight, just as birds do.

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The Dronebrellas Are Coming

Just don't expect to use them in the rain, at least not yet.

Honda's New Business Jet Has Longer Range—and a Toilet Seatbelt

Honda's second jet stretches the range to over 1,400 nautical miles.

pilots cockpit airplane airbus321
Scientists Examine Why Some Pilots Thrive Under Pressure, and Some Crack

A peek into the brain could help us train the pilots of the future.

Boeing's Wild Folding Wingtips Are One Step Closer to Reality

The FAA has cleared the "special conditions" whipped up from scratch for the novel wings.

Plane Crash in Cuba Leaves Over 100 Dead

Early reports place the blame on aging aircraft.

Drone Company Allegedly Brings Bomb on Plane, Fires Whistleblower Employee
A legal complaint from a former security officer says the company brought an explosive-laden drone on a flight with 230 other passenger…
You Should Read "The Right Stuff"
Celebrated author and journalist Tom Wolfe died today at 88. Even if you are not an aerospace buff, you should read his classic book ab…
'A Suicide Club': How WWI Pilots Pioneered the Age of Airmail

On May 15, 1918, the U.S. Post Office officially launched the age of airmail.

911 Callers Reported Seeing C-130 Fall From the Sky

"I've got flames and smoke everywhere and stuff coming out of the sky," one man told a 911 operator .

NTSB investigation
The Blown Engine on Southwest Flight 1380 Suffered "Tooth Decay"

Mechanics say the engines wore down from sucking up debris on frequent takeoffs and landings.