Hybrid and Electric

The Tax Credit for Buying a Tesla Is Changing

Unless the law changes, this EV incentive is approaching the end of the line.

The Next VW Beetle Might Be Electric
Rumor has it that a new Beetle is coming in 2022, riding on VW's new…
Can Tesla Keep Up the Model 3 Pace?
How problematic are the production issues with Model 3 for Tesla? We…
Tesla Needs $2,500 From You to Confirm Model 3

Elon Musk and company need that capital, stat.

cars driving highway snow
New Electric Car Battery Can Handle The Cold

When the weather gets bad, this battery can warm itself up.

Why VW's All-Electric Record-Breaking Race Car Sounds Like an Ambulance
Volkswagen's electric race car made a blaring siren noise as it shattered the record at Pikes Peak—as required by the rules of th…
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Jaguar electric SUV
The Jaguar I-PACE and the Juiced-Up Future of Going Off-Road

The I-Pace is a battery-powered beast that’s leading a new wave of luxury EVs.

48 Hours Without Four Wheels: What I Learned Living the Ridesharing Scooter Life

Can a car guy survive (and thrive) in a world full of scooters?

Nissan Leaf electric car
Can the New Nissan Leaf Compete With the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3?

With 150 miles of range and a $30,000 price, the new Leaf tries to keep pace with the electric cars of today.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid 2019
How Today’s Hybrid Cars Anticipate the Powerhouse EVs of Tomorrow

Yes, it's an $80,000 SUV. But let's talk about the future-thinking way Porsche is building cars.

China Is the Automotive Alternate Universe
A state-controlled economy is forcing the world's largest car market to embrace electric car solutions, and fast. Here's what China can…
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Tesla Is Now Making 2,000 Model 3s Per Week

It falls short of the goal Elon Musk started back in January.

Tesla Says Model X in Deadly Crash Was on Autopilot

The automaker says the driver, who was killed in the accident, did not have his hands on the steering wheel.

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The Stealth Electric Cars Are Coming

The next phase in EV adoption: Plain old crossovers your mom would drive.

9 Cars That Would Be Awesome If They Went Electric

The electric car revolution is in full swing, and we're hoping these 9 cars get a fully electric models ASAP.

Here Is the e-Tron GT, Audi's New Sleek Electric Sports Car

The e-Tron GT is set to be Audi Sport's first EV.

This 1970's Subaru Van Is Weird and Wonderful

Subaru wasn't always family-friendly wagons and rally sedans.

8 Awesome New Electric Cars You Need To Know

The powerhouse EVs from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Porsche Rolls Out a Hot-Rodded Electric SUV

The new concept car is called the Mission E Cross Turismo.

The Lagonda Vision Concept Is a Crazy Fever Dream of the Future of Cars

When Lagonda returns, it won't be anything you'll recognize.

Electric Car Can No Longer Stay Silent at Low Speeds

By 2020, all new EVs must emit an external noise to alert pedestrians of their presence under 19 mph.

Tesla Semi Truck Watch: It's Out in the Wild Now

YouTubers are catching the electric big rig roaming the streets.

Jaguar iPace electric car
Here Is Jaguar's First Electric Car, the I-Pace

Jag's first electric car has a 90 kWh battery pack, all-wheel drive, and 240 miles of range.

There Will Be an Electric Porsche 911

The Mission E and the company's Le Mans efforts have convinced Porsche electrification is the future.

The Next Formula E Car Looks Appropriately Futuristic

This car will arrive in 2019, when Formula E embarks on its fifth season.