Barbara Peterson


Barbara Peterson is a journalist living in New York, who writes often about aviation.

NTSB investigation
The Blown Engine on Southwest Flight 1380 Suffered "Tooth Decay"

Mechanics say the engines wore down from sucking up debris on frequent takeoffs and landings.

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Airlines Race To Inspect the Engine That Went Wrong on Southwest Flight 1380

Southwest had to delay and cancel lots of Monday flights to check on its planes.

What We Already Know About the Southwest Airlines Engine That Failed

A jet equipped with one of these engines takes off somewhere in the world about every two minutes.

12 Plane Crashes That Changed Aviation

Out of these tragedies arose major technological advances in flight safety that keep air travel routine today.

Here's Why Airlines Think They Can Just Yank You Off the Plane

If you saw that United Airlines video and wondered about your rights as a plane passenger, here's what you need to know.

Why the Search for MH370 Is Not Really Over

Australia, China, and Malaysia suspended the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but that is not the end.

2016 Was the Year of the Unsolved Plane Crash

Several incidents, including MH370, remain troublingly unresolved.

Why Planes Still Use 50-Year-Old Black Box Technology
Flight data recorders, or "black boxes," have been around a half-century, and new technology could replace them. Why aren't airlines ju…
AirAsia Crash That Killed 162 Was Preventable

The investigation concludes that a technical fault, plus pilot error, caused the crash.

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The FAA Is Freaked Out About Batteries on Planes

We still don't know why MH370 went down, but we do know it was carrying a big load of batteries.

Why Are Airliners Still Flying Near War Zones?

More than a year after the Malaysia Airlines 777 was shot down over Ukraine, not that much has changed.

Why Do So Many People Die in Aviation Accidents in Indonesia?

Indonesia air crash puts spotlight on country's poor safety record

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Confirmed: Newly Discovered Debris is From MH370

The beleaguered search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which turned up nothing for more than a year, suddenly has new life.

What Happens Now in the Search for MH370?

The next steps, now that investigators have found a piece of the missing 777.

Is This Mystery Debris from MH370?

A piece that could be from a 777 wing washes up on a remote tropical island.

Boeing: Lithium Batteries Pose Fire Danger to Planes

Also troubling: We know Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was carrying lithium-ion batteries.

Pilot in Transasia Crash Turned Off the Wrong Engine
Trying to power down the engine that flamed out, the pilot may have killed the only working engine by mistake.
Will We Ever Give Up on Finding MH370?
More than a year later, we still have no trace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. What happens if one year becomes two, or three, or five…
How They'll Stop Passengers From Hacking the Plane
Can airline passengers really hack into the jet via Wi-Fi? Don't bet on it, aviation experts say.
Two People in a Plane's Cockpit Isn't Enough
The new rules being put into place after the Germanwings disaster are smart. But they're not enough to prevent all kinds of similar air…
Why Couldn't the Germanwings Captain Get Back in the Cockpit?
Bombshell revelation that Germanwings 9525 was crashed intentionally puts focus on pitfalls of cockpit security
MH370 Pinger Battery Expired Before Plane Disappeared
It's one of the few revelations for a major report released on the one-year anniversary of the plane's disappearance
DashCam footage of the TransAsia crash in the Taipei River
What You Need to Know About the TransAsia Disaster
The dramatic crash of a turboprop in Taiwan is the latest in a string of deadly plane accidents in Asia. What's behind the pattern?
Chairman of National Transportation Safety Commission Tatang Kurniadi briefs journalist about AirAsia flight QZ8501 during a press conference in Jakarta on January 29, 2015.
How AirAsia Flight 8501 Was Similar to Air France 447
The latest revelation puts added focus on pilot actions and preparedness, and has some shades of the Air France flight that went down i…
What Happens Now That AirAsia 8501 and its Black Box Have Been Found
Just days after finding the wrecked plane's flight data recorders, searchers find the fuselage at the bottom of the sea. Now, the inves…
The First Airbus A350 Jet Finally Delivered to Qatar Airways
The first paid trips on the A350 are coming in January 2015.
Here's Why Airliners Still Don't Have Real-Time Tracking Tech
It's been nine months since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished into thin air. So why aren't we doing a better job of tracking planes…
First Airliner Built in Japan in 50 Years
If you think Mitsubishi is just about cars, wait until you see the MRJ.
Why the Airlines Are Overreacting to Ebola
Air travel allows the deadly disease to spread around the world, yet it isn't as contagious as airborne illnesses like the flu. So what…
The Hunt for MH370 Resumes—But Why Now?
Months after investigators halted the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, search vessels are back at work in the India…