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Andrew's from Nebraska. His work has also appeared in Discover, The Awl, Scientific American, Mental Floss, Playboy, and elsewhere. He lives in Brooklyn with two cats and a snake.

Roku Made Wireless TV Speakers And They're Actually Kind of Great

Better streaming sound quality without all the wires and gear.

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The $7,500 Tax Credit for Buying a Tesla Is Going Away

Unless the law changes, this EV incentive is approaching the end of the line.

Ingenious Table Expands When You Turn It

This furniture builder turns the tables on your expectations.

Tesla Needs $2,500 From You to Confirm Model 3 Order

Elon Musk and company need that capital, stat.

They Made the Toyota Corolla Cool

Can you turn a boring old Corolla into a hot hatch? We drove the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback to find out.

Throw Your Entire Life Into the YETI Camino Carryall 35

Look, sometimes you need an unbreakable bag that fits all your weirdly-shaped stuff.

e-bike dirt bike
Every Kind of Bike Is Going Electric

Two wheels, three top speeds, no exhaust. E-bikes are about to be everywhere.

Chevy Is Bringing Back the Blazer

The much-beloved name is coming to a new two-row SUV for 2019.

15 Essentials for Long Summer Days at the Lake

What to take, wear, and do to have the best lake summer of your life.

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Cowboy herding cattle in dust, sunset
How Drones Will Revolutionize Ranching

There's no need for a cowboy to ride all day in search of a stray when a drone with an infrared camera can spot it from on high.

Today's Best Deal: Save $300 on a Macbook Air

Best Buy has deep discounts on numerous laptops.

Today's Best Deals: The Dremel That Does It All

Dremel's 200-1/21 Two-Speed Rotary Tool Kit is $20 off today.

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Today's Best Deals: Pump Yourself Up With Air Compressors for Less

DeWalt's DWFP55126 6-gallon pancake air compressor is on sale today.

Start Your Engines For the Totally Customizable RC Car

Raceya is making a 3D-printed remote control car that kids can mod to their hearts' content.

The Best American-Made Adventure Gear for the Perfect Summer

Savor long days and warm nights with our favorite homegrown gear.

The Air Force Had To Apologize For a #BRRRT Tweet About the A-10

USAF comes strong on Laurel vs. Yanny... and it doesn't go so well.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid 2019
How Today’s Hybrid Cars Anticipate the Powerhouse EVs of Tomorrow

Yes, it's an $80,000 SUV. But let's talk about the future-thinking way Porsche is building cars.

James Cameron's Story of Sci-Fi
James Cameron Is Bringing the History of Sci-Fi To TV

AMC Visionaries: James Cameron's Story of Sci-Fi debuts Monday, April 30 at 10 PM Eastern on AMC.

This Etch A Sketch History of Calculus Helped Get a Kid Into Caltech and MIT

Iowa teen Dezell Turner's hobby gave this college applications a serious boost.

Tesla Got Booted Off a Fatal Crash Investigation by the NTSB

The regulators say Elon Musk spoke too soon about the details of the inquiry.

ESPN's $5 App Isn't Quite the Sports Streaming Service You've Been Waiting For

It's got sports! But maybe not the sports you've been looking for.

Today's Best Deal: This Lightweight Black and Decker Cordless Drill Is 50 Percent Off

Sometimes you need a little drill to keep around the house.