Laura Yan

Laura Yan is a writer in Brooklyn. Her writing has appeared in Wired, GQ, The Cut, Pacific Standard, Longreads, The Outline, and elsewhere.

Elon Musk is Mad His Mini-Submarine Didn't Help in Thai Cave Rescue

Elon Musk is NOT happy that a British diver called his miniature submarine a "PR stunt" with no chance of working.

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Robots Made These Paintings and They're Very, Very Good

Robot painters made impressive paintings for the 2018 RobotArt contest.

When You See These GIFs, Do You Hear a Sound?

A growing online community is obsessed with these silent "loud" GIFs. Is it a form of synesthesia, or something else?

See Bones, Blood and Tissue in World's First 3D Colored X-Ray

The new X-Ray technology can capture the human body in uncanny detail.

Chinese AI Beats Doctors in Diagnosing Brain Tumors

The AI system could diagnose tumors more accurately (and faster) than 15 human physicians.

The Earth's Oldest Color is Bright Pink​

Scientists discovered the oldest known color emitted by a living organism. It's pink.

Newly Discovered Wasp Has a Terrifying Stinger

Scientists just discovered a parasitic wasp with a monstrous stinger almost as big as its body.

Four Boys Have Been Rescued From Thailand Caves

Rescue divers just successfully rescued at four boys from the Thailand cave in a complex rescue mission.

Scientists May Have Found Meteorite Fragments in the Ocean

Researchers aboard the Nautilus have identified what are likely fragments of meteorite that fell in March.

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Giant, Scary Invasive Flower Can Cause Third-Degree Burns

Not only does the giant hogweed cause environmental havoc, but it can reall hurt humans.

Virgin Galactic Wants to Send Tourists to Space

The company is partnering with Italy's biggest space agencies and building an airport for "spaceplanes."

Do Humans Dream Of Smartphones?

Smartphones take up a lot of space in our waking lives, yet appear infrequently in dreams. What gives?

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How Long Can Humans Really Live?

According to scientists, we haven’t reached the upper limit of our lifespans yet.

Jupiter’s Chaotic Clouds Look Like Gorgeous Marbled Paper

See Jupiter's swirling clouds captured in this surreal, stunning photo.

Chernobyl is Turning Into a Wildlife Preserve for Wolves

The exclusionary zone around the nuclear disaste site is surprising fertile ground for gray wolves.

Scientists Are Sending Astronaut Mice to Space to Study Biology

To see how space will affect our internal biology, NASA is sending a team of rodent astronauts to space.

Scientists Just Measured the Coldest Place on Earth

It's "almost like another planet," and so cold that breathing in the air would kill you.

The Smallest Computer in the World Fits On a Grain of Rice

The University of Michigan just defeated IBM in creating this tiny computing device.

Bomb Squads Practice Their Skills at This Robot Rodeo

Robot handlers and their specialty bots practice investigating downed planes in this annual rodeo in New Mexico.

Moths Can Use the Earth’s Magnetic Field to Navigate

These plain brown moths can complete long distance migrations by moonlight, using the magnetic field like a compass.

What Happens When a Mars Simulation Goes Awry?

In the latest HI-SEAS experiment, an astronaut on simulated Mars got a serious injury.

Stephen Hawking's Voice Got Beamed To a Black Hole

In memorial to the renowned astrophysicist, a song featuring Hawking's voice got beamed to a black hole.

Watch Hyper-Realistic Skin Get Made for Bionic Limbs

Watch extremely realistic limbs, complete with hair and freckles, get made from beginning to end.

Antarctica Is Melting Way Faster Than Anyone Expected

The continent is losing ice almost three times as fast since 2007, and it's definitely not a good sign.

This Crazy, Cheap Technology Can Turn Carbon Dioxide into Fuel

Scientists are working on a new method for creating carbon-neutral fuel that sounds like science fiction.

These Brain Worms Turn Ants Into Death-Seeking Zombies

Look inside the head of a doomed ant overtaken by a mind-controlling parasite.

The World's Largest Iceberg Is Melting Away

The largest iceberg ever recorded has been drifting for nearly 20 years. Now, it's at the end of its life.

Declassified NSA Security Posters Are Incredibly Creepy

These vintage NSA security posters are a little disturbing and very incredible.

Scientists Made an Psychopathic AI Based on Reddit

Computer scientists fed AI data from a disturbing subreddit, and taught it to see violence almost everywhere.

Scientists Made a Taxidermy Bird Robot for Research

The bird-on-wheels is designed to study grouse mating habits using economic theory.