David Grossman

David Grossman is a staff writer for PopularMechanics.com. He's previously written for The Verge, Rolling Stone, The New Republic and several other publications. He's based out of Brooklyn.

concept art NEA scout
New NASA Satellite Could Be Powered By a Synthetic Solar Sail

The Near-Earth Asteroid Scout could have a sail made of metamaterials.

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hawaii volcano boat
Lava Erupting From Kilauea Hits Hawaiian Tour Boat, Injuring 13

The dangers of exploring a live volcano become quickly apparent.

chinese cave archaeology
Chinese Cave Tools Point To Earliest Known Human Migration

Humanity was expanding over 2 million years ago, according to a new study.

vincross robot hexa shade movement
The Plant That Became a Six-Legged Robot To Chase the Sun

The bot takes the plant for walks and announces when it needs to be watered.

cement mixer
Scientists Make Concrete With Trash Instead of Cement

A little molecular re-arranging makes coal fly ash the perfect building material.

original odyssey roman times
Oldest Known Section of 'The Odyssey' Found on Clay Tablet

Dating back to Roman times, this could be the oldest record of the poem in the world.

reaper drone nevada
Air Force Drone Documents Are Being Sold on Dark Web

Training manuals on the Reaper have popped up for sale.

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apple campus
Ex-Apple Employee Charged With Stealing Self-Driving Tech

The FBI arrested the employee as he was getting on a plane to China.

iceberg calving
A Stunning Video of a Greenland Iceberg Collapse

When an iceberg calves, it's a big deal.

thai boys rescued ipad
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parker space probe construction
Upcoming Solar Probe Gets Its All-Important Heat Shield

The Parker Space Probe will use every trick in the book to stay cool.

thai cave successful rescue
Four More Thai Boys Rescued From Cave, Bringing Number Up to 8

Four soccer players remain below alongside their coach.

ian webster earth pangea tool
This Map Shows Where Your House Was on Pangea

The view might have been a little bit different

thai cave rescue
Ex-SEAL Diver Dies in Thai Cave Rescue Attempt

Saman Kunan returned to service to help rescue the 12 trapped boys and their coach.

spider jumping
Spiders Can Harness Electric Fields to Fly

It's a bit like static electricity, but way cooler.

harvard robotic cockroach
Harvard Robotic Cockroach Walks Underwater

The HAMR is tiny and amphibious. That was hard to do.

thai families pray flood
12 Missing Boys And Their Soccer Coach Found Alive, Trapped in Thailand Cave

A remarkable search over 9 days has ended. Now, it's rescue time.

Tesla Is Revving Up to Build the World's Largest Battery Farm in California

If the proposal is accepted, the project would dwarf the company's previous project in Australia.

Study Shows Exoplanet Has a Stable Axis Just Like Earth

That means it could have a stable climate and seasons.

cars driving highway snow
Engineers Develop Electric Car Battery That Can Heat Itself During Winter

When the weather gets bad, this battery can warm itself up.

nao robot
Robotic AI Helping Autistic Kids Read Emotions

Working closely with psychologists, the bot can consistently show feeling.

interstellar dust
The Milky Way Is Full of Potentially Toxic "Space Grease"

The carbon bonds inside the substance bear a striking resemblance to a well-known substance on Earth.

StemRad Vest
A Simple Waistband Could Help Save First Responders From Gamma Radiation

StemRad's minimalist equipment protects more than it may appear to.

microplastic detecting robot 12 year old
12 Year Old Girl Develops Pollution-Detecting Robot To Help Save the Ocean

Using techniques similar to sophisticated tech already in use, she's gotten noticed by 3M.

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