Kevin Dupzyk

Kevin is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn. In past lives he’s been an economist, computer salesman, mathematician, barista, and college football equipment manager.

We Tore Down a Gas Grill Into Its 415 Parts

We tear down a Weber Genesis grill into all 415 individual parts.

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Unseen Oceans: How the American Museum of Natural History Builds a New Exhibit

How the scientists, craftspeople, and digital engineers create an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.

How an Electric Scooter Works

We tear down an eMicro One electric scooter. This is what it looks like.

How to Hack Your Sleep

You could spend a lot of money on gadgets to help you sleep better. Should you?

Things Come Apart: Ceiling Fan

What it looks like when you take apart a ceiling fan.

What's Inside This Classic Coffee Maker?

A close look at the innards of a terrifi brewer.

Welcome to Jack White's Temple to Vinyl
In his native Detroit, Jack White—White Stripes frontman and one of the most active and influential musicians of the last twenty years—…
Could Helicopters Have Saved D.C.'s Cherry Blossoms?

Intuitive and counter-intuitive techniques for helping your garden survive this crazy winter.

I Saw the Future Through Microsoft's Hololens
Since early man started wearing VR goggles, the goal has been simple: escape reality. With Microsoft's radical new wearable computer, r…
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5 Realities of Fighting Fire in the Middle of Nowhere

By "nowhere," we mean the oil country of south central New Mexico.