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Fiat Chrysler Recalls 4.8 Million Vehicles Over Terrifying Cruise Control Flaw

A rare set of events can cause cruise control to become stuck on.

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Black Hawk Helicopter Drops Ammo Box on Elementary School Roof

The damage took out power in part of the building but fortunately no one was injured.

​Clocks May Go a Little Cuckoo With Power Grid Change
Because of a change in federal energy regulations, some scientists say your trusty, older plug-in clock may be losing or gaining a few …
California May Require Solar Panels on New Homes in 2020

The first such mandate nationwide and the state's latest step to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

911 Callers Reported Seeing C-130 Fall From the Sky

"I've got flames and smoke everywhere and stuff coming out of the sky," one man told a 911 operator .

4 Climbers Die in Swiss Alps After Unexpected Storm

They became trapped overnight and couldn't reach shelter.

Explosion at Wisconsin Refinery Injures Workers, Spurs Evacuation

Authorities said a tank containing crude oil or asphalt exploded.

​Geologists Say North Korea's Nuclear Test Site Likely Collapsed
On Saturday, North Korea announced it will close its nuclear testing facility and suspend nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missil…
3 More Radioactive Sludge Barrels Rupture at Idaho Site

The barrels contain material likely from nuclear weapons production.

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Danish Submarine Inventor Sentenced to Life in Prison for Grisly Murder
He was found guilty Wednesday of torturing and murdering a Swedish reporter before dismembering her body during a private submarine tri…
Museum Suddenly Realizes Its Fake Egg From an Extinct Bird Is Very Real
A Buffalo museum has made a rare discovery within its own collection: a fully intact egg from the extinct elephant bird that until now,…
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Veteran Who Survived Blast Receives Unusual Penis Transplant

In an experimental 14-hour surgery.

Construction Robots Weld, Bolt, and Lift to Beat Worker Shortage

The Robo-Welder and Robo-Buddy, with twisting and turning mechanical arms, will be deployed at construction sites later this year.

Volcano in Japan Erupts for First Time in 250 Years

Another volcano nearby also erupted violently in March for the first time in seven years.

Southwest Airlines Sought More Time for Engine Inspections
The airline opposed a recommendation by the engine manufacturer to require ultrasonic inspections of certain fan blades within 12 month…
Warming, Not Cooling, Donated Livers May Improve Transplants

Packing with ice may soon be a thing of the past

Southwest Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Windows Tears Open

News helicopter footage showed damage to the left engine of the plane and the tarmac covered with firefighter foam.

13-Year-Old Boy Finds Treasure Trove of 1,000-Year-Old Silver Coins

The silver coins are probably from the reign of Harald Gormsson, better known as "Harald Bluetooth."

R. Lee Ermey, the Insult-Hurling Drill Instructor from Full Metal Jacket, Has Died

He wasn't even supposed to be in Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam movie.

How Facebook Ads Target You

If you want to tailor a Facebook ad to a single user out of its universe of 2.2 billion, you could.

Cows and cattle
Here Comes the Connected Cow

IDA uses a motion-sensing device attached to a cow's neck to transmit its movements to a program driven by AI.

Sludge Barrel Ruptures at Idaho Nuclear Site

There are no reported injuries.

10 Teams Compete to Profit Off Waste Carbon Dioxide

Potential solutions range from making concrete to making methanol.

Why Nuclear Fusion Is Back. Again.

In what had become a cliché, fusion would forever haunt a distant horizon. That seems to be changing, finally

Air Force Thunderbirds Pilot Dies in Nevada F-16 Crash

The jet went down during a routine aerial demonstration training flight.

SpaceX Capsule Reaches Space Station With Food, Experiments

It's the second trip to the 250-mile-high orbiting outpost for this capsule.

Marine Helicopter Crash in California Leaves 4 Presumed Dead

The aircraft was a CH-53E Super Stallion stationed at the Miramar air station in San Diego.

High Winds Cause Hangar Collapse in Houston

Authorities say the wind appears to have caused the hangar at a private terminal to disintegrate.