Jay Bennett

Associate Editor

Jay Bennett is the associate editor of PopularMechanics.com. He has also written for Smithsonian, Popular Science and Outside Magazine. 

12 New Moons of Jupiter Discovered

The discovery brings the total number to 79.

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This Flying Train Is as Wild As It Sounds

Just slap on a pair of wings and go.

So Long TNT, There's a New Explosive in Town

Bis-oxadiazole could replace TNT and other explosives in military ordnance.

Saturn's Moon Enceladus Is Spewing Complex Organic Molecules Into Space

The little moon appears more enticing for alien life every day.

German Nuclear Fusion Experiment Sets Records
The stellarator was largely replaced by the tokamak in the 1960s, but Germany's Wendelstein 7-X could be bringing the reactor back from…
Rocket Lab to Attempt "It's Business Time" Launch Tonight

The first fully commercial launch for Rocket Lab is set to blast off.

Is a Space Force Really the Best Way to Defend Space?
The weaponization of space is inevitable, and defense strategies need to be established, but reorganizing the Pentagon for a sixth bran…
NASA X-Plane Gets Closer to Electric Flight

The X-57 Maxwell is expected to fly for the first time in the next year.

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The Milky Way Galaxy Might Be Twice as Wide as Astronomers Thought

A new study measured stars at the very edges of our galaxy, and they are a lot farther away than predicted.

Three Newborn Planets Discovered Around an Infant Star
A brand new method of exoplanet detection makes it possible to spot planets just as they are forming in a disk of gas and dust swirling…
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NASA Curiosity Rover Finds Building Blocks of Life on Mars
The robot, which has been exploring Mars for almost six years, discovered new organic compounds and cycles of methane that could point …
Buzzy for Nothing: Bees Understand What Zero Is

Although zero as a mathematical value is common knowledge today, it took even human civilizations a while to figure it out.

NASA to Announce New Mars Findings From Curiosity Rover This Week

The rover has now been exploring Mars for almost six years, studying the geology and searching for life.

Passenger Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Hail Smashes Windscreen and Destroys Nose

American Airlines flight 1897 was forced to divert to El Paso after the aircraft was damaged in a heavy storm over New Mexico.

A New Study Could Explain Away Some Evidence for Planet Nine
A new model provides an explanation for the bizarre orbits of distant objects in the solar system that doesn't require influences from …
The Fastest Supercomputer for Astronomy Comes Online in Japan
A giant parallel supercomputer, calculating three quadrillion operations per second, will create more detailed models of the cosmos tha…
Raising Hell on Two Wheels To Raise Money for American Vets

At a charity ride put on by motocross icon Carey Hart and Indian Motorcycle, the American-style cruiser finds a home abroad.

Honda's New Business Jet Has Longer Range—and a Toilet Seatbelt

Honda's second jet stretches the range to over 1,400 nautical miles.

You Should Read "The Right Stuff"
Celebrated author and journalist Tom Wolfe died today at 88. Even if you are not an aerospace buff, you should read his classic book ab…
How to Fly a Helicopter on Mars

Flying a helo in the hairline atmosphere of Mars is one of JPL's biggest challenges yet.

Block 5 Lifts Off—SpaceX's Newest Rocket (Updated)

After an aborted attempt yesterday, Block 5 successfully launches to space.

The Mysteries of the Golden Ratio Explained by Math and Sunflowers
This number, approximately 1.62, has fascinated mathematicians and artists for centuries—but perhaps not for the reasons you thin…
SpaceX Scrubs Falcon 9 Block 5 Launch for Today (Updated)

The upgraded Falcon 9 Block 5 is ready to fly the Bangabandhu-1 satellite for Bangladesh.

The Search for Dark Matter Continues, More Than a Mile Underground

The search for WIMPs—the leading candidate for dark matter particles—is kicking into high gear.

Extremely Large Telescope Construction Is Under Way in Chile

The ELT will be the largest optical/near-infrared telescope in the world, with a primary mirror stretching 39 meters.

ULA Launches NASA's InSight Spacecraft to Mars (Updated)

InSight has started its six-month journey to Mars.

The First Interplanetary CubeSats Are Set to Fly to Mars

Small satellites have started to fill the orbits of Earth. Now NASA is sending the first pair to Mars.